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What it's called What it gets you The damagers
Get organic followers with high engagement among 500+ million active users, with 200+ creating Story. Promote your product with 90%+ attention on Insta story. Follower and engagement plans are available with an assurance and money back policy. Rs. 5,100/month;
Rs. 4,050/month(quaterly);
Rs. 3,750/month(biyearly);
Rs. 3,500/month (yearly)
Creating campaigns to get you relevant customers through digital platforms. 4 campaigns per month with media spend as desired by you. Rs 12,999 /-
Touching up 24 static posts per month given by you. Max. 2 iterations per post. Rs 14,999 /-
Your social media starts to work better, getting you more reach and traction. Rs 18,999 /-
Creating 18 static posts per month and 6 Gif/Video posts. Rs 21,999 /-
Creating a solid web presence so you can replace your visiting card with a URL. Rs 24,999 /-
Creating logo, brand identity, stationery, uniform, menu, ppt template etc. Rs 29,999 /-
If you want to start selling online, this is the right time to do it! Rs 54,999 /-
If you want to make the most of digital - includes Facebook, Instagram, Adwords campaigns and click- tracking. Rs 1,19,999 /-
*Above mentioned prices are subject to change without any notice and can escalate on increase of scope and objective.
Some prices are per month basis and exlcudes any government taxes.

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