Going back to what Advertising should be

Content Writing

You’ve heard the new buzzword in digital advertising today – content marketing. What is this weird creature? Like everything else in life, it is nothing but classic, effective content writing that has come back a full circle to glory and prominence yet again. It used to be important to get product facts, market insights and audience profiles bang on, before starting work on any marketing brief. Somewhere down the line, as we progressed digitally, data became gold – it gave clients the yardstick of measurability that had, till date, been somewhat of a unicorn. But surprise surprise, the one intangible that threw all numerical projections off the boardroom wall was, wait for it, human emotion. Any communication that appealed to our senses in a relatable way, became far more memorable than rigidly laboratory-tested communication. People always preferred simplicity in what was served to them, rather than hard facts and jargon. The digital world just proved this yet again. At Reverse Advertising, we aim to project your product or service to the right audience using the right sentiment, using the sheer power of words. Of course, the words come packaged with images, graphics, logos, videos and more. And media – gosh there are just so many possibilities to put out your static or dynamic content. Starting with your own asset – your business website, to a plethora of social channels each serving a niche community, to the power of online-offline integration, to ad campaigns served through search engines – content continues to remain king.

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“Why generate a brief first? Why not generate an insight first?”

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